About Digging for Roots

Originally, I started this web site in order to post information about family, and extended families, research. Since then (1996), my site grew to include a considerable amount of specialized research, particularly in the arena of One Name Studies: Ergas, Ginsburg, Roditi, Sarfatty, Zackon and Zupnick.

However, since I must pay for all the associated expenses of this site, and now must also pay for hosting, I have had to make cut-backs. If, at some time in the future, some of the specialized group members care to help with off-setting some of these expenses, I would be more than happy to make them available again. Until then, I have kept all the data, and inquiries are always welcome.

For now, please enjoy getting to know our respective genealogies.

Page Last Modified: 09/11/2017