About Digging for Roots

Originally, I started this web site in order to post information about family, and extended families, research. Since then (1996), my site grew to include a considerable amount of specialized research, particularly in the arena of One Name Studies: Ergas, Ginsburg, Roditi, Sarfatty, Zackon and Zupnick.

However, since I must pay for all the associated expenses of this site, and now must also pay for hosting, I have had to make cut-backs. If, at some time in the future, some of the specialized group members care to help with off-setting some of these expenses, I would be more than happy to make them available again. Until then, I have kept all the data, and inquiries are always welcome.

For now, please enjoy getting to know our respective genealogies, browse our photos, visit our kitchen, and check out our hobbies and collections.

About Us

My name is Jeanne Gold. I am a retired Programmer/Analyst and grandmother of 7. My husband is Stan Crook and we live in sunny Southern California -- or at least until my husband retires and we move to Oregon.

One of these days, I'll may actually include something really profound in this area ... any suggestions?

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