The Gittelman Family

Lillian Gittelman, probably born between 1860-1864, in Yanovka, Kherson Gubernia, Russia married Abraham Zupnick. She passed away about 1912 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Lillian and Abraham had six known children -- and here's where the fun begins.

When I first started doing my family, I started with this branch because my mother and her mother had so many clues and memories to offer. One of them said one of the children was "Mary". I have never found a daughter named Mary, or anything like it, but have found all the other children, and the parents, on a passenger manifest.

Mary remained an enigma until a few years ago when I put some odd details together.

Upon arrival, Abraham and Lillian Zupnick stated they were going to their brother-in-law's home. Only an address was provided, no name. Since they arrived in 1900, I looked at the 1900 census for the given address and found a Rothman family. I then proceeded to look at the city directories for the years 1900-1912. From this I learned that Jacob Rothman and Abraham Zupnick were in business together and I assumed it was safe to assume that the Rothman's were in some manner related to the Zupnick's.

It took several more years before I finally found the maiden name for Jacob Rothman's wife: Mary (Miriram) Gittelman.

While trying to find out more about these two families, I came across another group of Gittleman's whose origins were very close to mine and also emigrated to Philadelphia.

From this, I conjecture there is a connection, but I have no absolute evidence.

As time permits, I will include anecdotal information and further. For now, a brief outline of my research.


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1 ??? (male) GITTELMAN

  2 ??? (male) GITTELMAN (conjecture)
    3 Josef GITTELMAN

  2 ??? (male) GITTELMAN (conjecture)
    + Lena ???
    3 Harry GITTELMAN
      + Lilly ???
    3 Charles? GITTELMA
     (or maybe same person below)N
    3 Abraham GITTELMAN
    3 Charles GITTELMAN
    3 Jacob GITTELMAN
    3 Freda GITTELMAN

  2Lena/Leah ( Lillia)n GITTELMAN
    + Abraham ZUPNICK
    3 Ida ZUPNICK
      + Benjamin BERSHADSKY
    3 Sarah ZUPNICK
      + Louis GREENBERG
     4 Elizabeth (Betty) GREENBERG
     4 Lillian GREENBERG
     4 Martin Robert GREENBERG
       (aka Marty Garey)
    3 Anna ZUPNICK
      + T. Louis WAGNER
    3 Esther ZUPNICK
      + Abraham ZAFMAN
    3 [1] Morris ZUPNICK
      + ??? (female) ??? (1st)
      + Kate GOLDFEIN (2nd)
    3 [2] Louis ZUPNICK
      + ??? (female) ??? (1s, maybet)
      + Dora BROWN (2nd)
  2 Miriam("Mar)" GITTELMAN
    + Jacob ROTMA (aka Rothman)N
    3 Clara ROTMAN
      + Abraham LAPATIN
    3 Benjamin ROTMAN
      + Lena ???
    3 Ida ROTMAN
      + ??? (male) COHEN
    3 Yetta(Bertha or Ethel)" ROTMAN
    3 Morris ROTMAN
    3 Beatrice("Bessi)" ROTMAN