Family Genealogies

Jeanne Gold

My family is Jewish, with most of our roots in the former Russian empire and Monastir (today, known as Bitola, Macedonia). My family emigrated to the United States, between the years 1890-1910, arriving predominantly via Ellis Island. From there, they went to Chicago (Illinois), Columbus (Ohio), Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) while some stayed in New York City. Eventually, parts of the family then moved to Los Angeles, where the needed parties met -- and so I and my brother came into being. Since those early days, various branches have been found all over the United States, Europe, South Africa and South America.

Stanley Crook

On my husband's side of the family, we have recently unearthed a rich and varied English history with possible links to Scotland. His mother's side of the family traces back to the Mayflower, and the same ancestor, three times. I love to tease him about being his own cousin.

For the time being, I am only working on his paternal grand-father's side of the family. You are welcome to contact me regarding other branches, but to keep the research a little focussed the surnames are: Barkaway, Bates, Crook, Groom, Hague and Ledger.

Arnold R. Wolfson
July 13, 1928 to April 15, 1998

My step-father, may he rest in peace, asked me to work on his family. Unfortunately, most of the information I unearthed was after his death. Happily, though, I was able to re-unite him with some long-lost cousins. His family surnames are: Ginsburg (formerly Ginsburski), Hof(f)man(n), Koenigsfest, Levinson (Loewensohn) and Wolfson (Volfsohn).

Jack Gold-Roditi

My son's father's family, Roditi, has a rich history. Unfortunately, I've only been able to unearth this small piece of it.

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