Machine Embroidery


My attempts at learning to digitize have been slow and tedious. I may be a retired programmer/analyst -- but I think embroidery design digitizing was created for those with a death wish or a love of pain and aggravation! In any case, I would love to share my designs with you. There is one small request I make before sending anything: share a design with me. I would prefer one you created, but it's not necessary. I only ask you don't share something which is copyright protected.

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Note: all designs are PES and require a 5" x 7" hoop.

Sunbonnet Sue

Inspiration: Some pillow I'd seen ???

Bonnet Lady
Filled, v. 1
Filled, v. 2

Inspiration: Helen R. Scott

Oriental Sunbonnet Siam

Inspiration: Sunbonnet Sue

Every Window Sill Needs a Cat

Inspiration: Mosey 'n Me

Bless the Cat!

Inspiration: Mosey 'n Me

Send one design for each design you want to trade. Please put "ED Trade" in the subject of your email. Thank you.


Susan's Place: Susan offers some great embroidery tips about stabilizing your design during stitchout and correcting outline errors. After you have read her tips, come back here and download copies of my WSS grid files (4" x 4", 5" x 7" and 6.25" x 10.25", PES).