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Updated: 2004.11.17 (*) Latest changes/additions

Welcome to the world of Fiber Arts (FiberArts). We are a group of fellow Fiber Artists -- a coined term for those who sew, quilt, embroider, knit ... in other words, enjoy working and playing with fibers. We are hosted within Yahoo!Groups at:

IMPORTANT: This email will be sent upon joining the group as well as once/month.

There aren't too many rules, but the rules are inviolate.


Thank your for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

  1. You may not share or post copyrighted material. Feel free to explore other avenues for illegal activity -- but not here. Let's keep it clean, legal and fun. You are encouraged to share links to subject material which our members will all enjoy and further our knowledge and skills.
  2. NO spamming, no flaming, no rude comments. If you disagree with someone, I'd much prefer you bite your tongue. However, even the best of us sometimes aren't able to comply with that request. Should you find yourself in that position, then email to the person PRIVATELY. Take any disagreements outside the general discussion arena.
    • (*) Any time you are having difficulty resolving a problem with another member or moderator, you are encouraged to present your problem to our Oversight/Arbitrator (see below). The person in this position will listen to both sides and offer recomendation(s). No one is bound by the suggestions, but it is strongly suggested you give them due consideration for the sake of our group unity.
  3. Out of courtesy, please do not post advertisements to other groups about FiberArts.
    • Also, please do not use the "Send Invitation" feature of our group. Many people consider this spamming. You have a number of options for bringing your friends to our group or sharing information about other groups.
    • You are welcome to invite your friends but email them directly. I have no idea why, but most list owners on Yahoo expressly forbid advertising another group. Possibly they are concerned about loosing membership. One group moderator said she considered it the same as spamming. In any case, let's respect their rules.
    • If you belong to a group that hasn't expressly forbidden posting about other groups, first ask the list owner or moderator for permission.
    • (*) If you have a web page or site and wish to put a "Join Now" message up to advertise our group, please contact me for more information. For an example, see the "Join Now" logo on my web page.
    • If you would like to share with FiberArts another group you enjoy, please email me a link to the page of the group. I will then add it to our LINKS section. If you would like any special comments included with the link, send me that as well.
  4. Do not post: virus alerts, grievances with other members in our group, or business related items such as sales or other advertisements. This forum is not designed to promote business.
    • (*) You are encouraged, though, to send me the link to your business, with any comments you want about it, to be added to our group LINKS.
    • Do feel free to share your personal web space information. Limit your signature to include no more than 2 links.
    • You are also encouraged to add a link to your business in our Group LINKS section. Just send me the URL and a brief comment you'ld like included. I will more than happily add it.
    • Under no circumstances, post any discussions of illegal activities (piracy, Warez, hacking, etc.) or post direct or indirect references to adult sites.
    • Assume your adolescent child (or grandchild or niece or nephew or ???) is going to read your message and post accordingly.
    • (*) You are encouraged to read and become familiar with Netiquette.
  5. Swaps (blocks, fabric, notions) of all kinds are encouraged. However, all swap guidelines have to be approved by the list owner/moderator before being published to the general membership.
    • After getting approval for your post, please place a copy of the rules and/or guidelines in the FILES section for future reference. I recommend (but it's not required) you also ask one of the moderators to create a Database for your swap. You are also encouraged to set up calendar reminders. Contact one of the moderators for help with this.
    • I am not, nor can I, police all swaps. However, should you have any problems with a swap hostess or participant, I ask you to contact me and not air the problem(s) in public.
  6. No second-guessing the moderators I trust the moderators to do their jobs well and to make appropriate decisions. If a post has been rejected, modified or deleted by a moderator, it's a FACT. Therefore please do not start posts debating the merits and demerits of a particular moderation action.
  7. Rule infractions:
    • a first offence will place the person back on moderated status for no less than 30 days;
    • a 2nd offence may result in the violater being banned summarily without warning.

(*) Feel free to ask questions, post links, start swaps, share information. All topics are free game -- at least for the forseable future. Off topic discussions can be great for making us feel like a real group, not just a virtual group. Talk about your family, job, hopes, desires, recipes, holidays, humor ... and any crafts. You are not limited to "fiber" arts and crafts.

(*) Let's avoid, though, the following topics as they tend to cause problems: copyrights, politics and religion.

(*) Religion: I'm only referring to posting things which may construed as trying to convince someone of a particular point of view. It's OK to post prayer requests and let people know you are praying for them. There are probably other areas which are just as safe (with regards to religion), but I'm drawing a blank at the moment. If you're uncertain, clarify with a moderator first.

After your membership has been approved, take a few minutes to check out the various areas in our group presence on Yahoo.

  • In the DATABASE section you'll find a "Getting Acquainted" table. Won't you take a moment to tell us a little about yourself? You will also find tables to sign up for any ongoing swaps.
  • In the LINKS section you will find links to many fiber art topics, hopefully organized in a meaningful manner. (Publicly viewable.)
  • In the FILES area, find information about various projects, swaps and charities taking place.
  • In the PHOTOS section, you are encouraged to upload your family and project photos.
First and foremost -- remember we are all here to have a good time. With that, I leave you with the Golden Rule:
Do Unto Others as You Would Have them Do Unto You

I almost forgot: please take a few minutes to send a message to the group introducing yourself. Tell us your first name, where you hale from, what fiber art you like most ... anything that comes to mind and you want to share.

Have fun, and again, welcome to our small corner of the world.


Jeanne Gold, List Owner/Moderator
Yahoo!ID: BubbeCraft

Sarah Walker, Moderator
Yahoo!ID: slradcliffe

Maree Graff, Moderator
Yahoo!ID: mareegraff

Poly Huneke, Oversight/Arbitrator
Yahoo!ID: happypolyantha

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