Quilter's Math

Half-Square Triangles

Tired of paying for Thangles or specialty rulers? Want a quick and easy way to make HSTs? I first learned of this method on Nancy's Notions (page no longer available) but the math was never included. With some help from my darling husband (Stan), I was able to create a spreadsheet that did the math for me. All you will need is the ability to cut 2 strips of fabric (same width), sew a 1/4" scant seam and a 45° ruler - made by anyone. Directions and the math needed are available in my Excel Spreadsheet.

On Point Setting Triangles

Putting squares or blocks on point requires cutting a square of fabric and then sub-cutting on the diagonal: once for setting 2 sides and twice for settng 4 sides. The math is available in an Excel Spreadsheet for your use. Refer to PatchPieces.com for explanations and directions.

Flying Geese Blocks

Directions for making No Wasted Fabric Flying Geese and an Excel Spreadsheet with the math.

Enlarge or Reduce Blocks


More Math Wanted?

What other math tools would help you? Let me know what you want and I'll do my best to accomodate.

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MS Excel Spreadsheet

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PS users not having MS Office (which includes MS Excel) or MS Works (which may include a stripped down version of MS Excel) might be able to use a freeware program I found (and not tested): Ability Spreadsheet, vers. 4.14.

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