Picture Post Card Swap

A recent discussion on our Fiber Art forum about places we would like to visit, prompted the idea for a picture post card swap.

This swap will be very easy, lots of fun and very inexpensive.

The number of participants signed up will determine how long the swap commitment will be.

Mailing post cards within the U.S. is 23 cents and most international destinations are only 70 cents.

Post card costs can range from 16 cents and up depending on where you purchase them.

To make this fun, look for cards which a tourist might purchase if in your home town, city, county/province or state. Messages on the post cards do not have to be lengthy. Something like "Hello from Jeanne in San Diego, CA, USA" would be just fine.

Sign-up deadline is January 31, 2005. After everyone has signed up, I will send you a list. In this list, you will know to whom to send a card and when.

This first time doing the swap, the participants will be limited to 13 and we will each be mailing one card per week for 12 weeks. If we get more than 13 participants, I will start a 2nd swap. If you prefer a monthly swap, let me know. If I get enough participants, I will start both a weekly and a monthly swap group.

We will beginn sending our postcards the 2nd week of February, 2005.

To join this swap, send me an email with your full name and mailing address.

As the end of the swap, for those who are interested, we will have a picture post card challenge. Each participant will do something with their post cards, such as making a wall display out of them or a scrapbook page. Take a picture of your collection, send them to me, and I'll post the pictures here. We can then vote on them, such as who had the most unique idea, or the most colorful, or whatever other categories we care to have!

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